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Cielo Mirror

Beautiful handmade mirror with 2 tone finish and decorative nail heads. Approximately 71"T x 31"W x 3"D   **PLEASE NOTE: As all of our pieces are handmade, no two pieces are exact. Disbursement of colors and amount of distressing may vary...

Fringe Dressing Mirror

Check yourself out in our favorite dressing mirror; The Fringe Mirror. A handcarved intricate design is set within a routed frame that pictures can't do justice for.  Available Colors: Turquoise (pictured above), Red, White, Black, Dark Walnut...
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VW Mirror in Turquoise

VW Mirror

Our "VW Mirror" is a customer favorite dressed up with two grande roses and a crown molding top.  Approximate Dimensions: 75" Tall X 24" Wide X 1.5" in Depth *Each piece is a unique creation, so expect some variations in size and color pallet.*
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