Tips for Outdoor Shopping with Us in Warrenton

While we are set up in Warrenton for Roundtop Antiques Week, we thought we would get some tips and tricks together to better help you plan before you come shop with us! 

First & foremost, be sure to dress stylishly comfortable. You will be doing a LOT of walking, so wear comfortable shoes and bring your sunglasses and sunscreen. While it IS getting a little cooler, the South Texas heat is still around [[unfortunately]] so be prepared y'all!

When to Come:

If you are Looking for the Best Deals:

Come towards the end of the 3rd week of the show. There will be less selection, however vendors will be more inclined to strike a deal or negotiate with you to get rid of their inventory.

If you are Looking for Smaller Crowds:

Visit the shows Monday-Thursday. During the week, parking is much easier and the crowd is smaller, making it easier to get from one show to another.

If you are Looking for the Best Selection:

Plan to be there the very first week. It will not only be less crowded, but you will have the widest selection to choose from before it gets picked through in the following, most popular week.

What To Bring:

  • Your Cutest Sunglasses You've ever Owned
  • A Hat/Visor to stay [Wrinkle Free].
  • Snacks, Snacks & More Snacks. -Save your money for cute stuff, don't waste it on expensive food!-
  • Sunscreen 
  • A LARGE tote for your snacks & necessities. 
  • Notebook & Pen (for writing down your purchases including the location, name and number of the vendor you need to pick up your items from.)
  • Bring cash! Although some dealers accept credit cards and checks, cash is always welcomed. There are banks located in Round Top and the surrounding areas of Carmine, La Grange and Brenham and some show sites do have ATMS.

Above all, have the time of your lives! There's music, food, and events going on all week @ Warrenton, so have a blast and more importantly, come check out our inventory :) Be sure to stop by at our booth at The Marketplace across from Bar W field under the red barn! We will be showcasing our new "Bandeja Coffee Table" (pictured above), plus a LOT more inventory.

Hopefully this gave you some insight and ideas of how to plan out your week with us. Come say Hi!  

See y'all soon,

† SRF †