Celebrity Client: Miranda Lambert

Starting the business in 2010, Sofia’s Rustic Furniture was merely a family idea that turned into a full time business and has been increasingly growing ever since. As it’s kept evolving over the past 5 years, we have had the pleasure of meeting and selling to some interesting people, including celebrities! We thought it would be cool to give you some insight on the experiences we have shared with none other than a country music superstar; Miss Miranda Lambert. 

Miranda and her crew have been known to attend numerous shows and vendor booths across Texas, and it was the BIGGEST thrill when she came to pick out pieces from our collection in Warrenton, Texas. She has picked out pieces for her own home like the ever popular Agave Bookcase available here http://sofiasrusticfurniture.com/agave-bookcase/ . Not only has she purchased from us for her own personal use, Miranda and her designers have even included one of our most popular turquoise lighted “Bar” signs (shown above) in her up and coming bed and breakfast, “The Ladysmith”, located in Tishomingo, Oklahoma. This marquee light is often a popular choice for kitchen areas and man caves as well! 

Her new hotel has been featured all over the internet and across a number of magazines, and we are proud to be a part of their design process. The lighted "Bar" marquee sign comes in various colors and can be purchased right here on our website. Click on the direct link below to add this rebellious beauty to your own home and style your space just like Ms. Lambert. http://sofiasrusticfurniture.com/bar-metal-marque/