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Wholesale Qualifications

To qualify for wholesale purchasing of our products you need to operate your own retail Home Decor, Furniture Store, Garden Center, Boutique, Feed Store, Pharmacy, or other Retail establishments that currently sells Home Decor or Furniture. This includes a brick and mortar store that sells to consumers or an online internet website that sells directly to consumers. You must also hold a valid business license and in most states a resellers permit issued by the state you do business in. To create and account simply fill out the "Create an Account" page located at the top of the website in the upper right hand corner, a representative form our company will review your account and designate you to the appropriate category within 24 hours .

Minimum Order Requirements
You must place an initial order of $350.00 for Home Decor Items and $2,000 for Furniture and Mirrors and re-orders of $250.00 for Home Decor and $1000 to order at wholesale pricing. Orders below this amount will not be accepted and/or charged at regular retail pricing. We do not have per piece minimums on all small Home Decor Items for wholesale orders, each item per piece minimums will vary.
If you have any questions about the process, our products or are interested in becoming a distributor, please contact us at
210-858-6672. Use our "Create an Account" page located at the top of the website in the upper right hand corner.
Thanks again for your interest in opening a Wholesale Account with Sofia's Rustic Furniture. We look forward to serving you!
Lena Daniels

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