Room Design Website: Glamourous Rustic Bedroom


Hello all!

So today I was searching around the internet for a room setup website, and I came across something that looked pretty interesting. This site lets you put a 3D image together with furniture pieces you may already own, and lets you search millions of home decor pieces to mix and match with for your room ideas. Click HERE to check out this super cool (and addicting) app for room design. Needless to say, I had a little too much fun ! Anyway, I showcased our popular Gabriela Headboard (ignore the bad crop job) and added a vintage glamorous touch to this colorful piece. I thought it was great! I loved how this site really lets you put an interior design idea together before purchasing pieces, and let's you put your Sofia's pieces into perspective too!

So go ahead, knock yourself out! 

Also, feel free to tag us or send us your Sofia's collection for future blog posts; we would LOVE to feature them! 

Have a great and amazing weekend Sofia Fans!


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